Sunday, August 29, 2010

New captions for the Vijay TV video

Not that I don't approve of the existing version with subtitles, but there are things I don't like about it. Like how it capitalizes "FREE", and adds details that are not being said at all (but true nevertheless). So, while the present version would serve well as a standalone promo video, it's not exactly great for linking up from within our site, methinks. I'd like a more honest translation that sticks to exactly what's being said. And one's that's complete. So I finally got down to work on something I've wanted to get done in a long time:

The captions start only after about half-a-minute, btw. The viewer can turn the captions on/off as well.

I never realized how long it takes. I thought 2-3 hours, but it would have taken about 10 in total, I think. I used Habib's unsubtitled version as base and added subtitles using Youtube Subtitler.

If you'd like to see any changes, you can edit the subtitles here:
and I can then upload that as a new version of subtitles.

It's going take a few weeks for me to link up this new version from the Payir website, so will await feedback till then.

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