Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Online Micro Financing:

I came across this organisation: on PBS TV (in HD!).
The basic concept is: they are making micro financing available over the internet. The good part is they act as an agency to connect the people in developing nations (look at countries served at: needing small loans with lenders in the developed nations. These are not the traditional money lending "lenders", but willing people with helping tendencies wishing to bring about a change in the life of poor people, with the convinience of the internet. The amazing fact is, the loan default rate so far is 0 (NIL) meaning all payments have been made 100% on time. So the borrowers make all efforts to repay back on time, and the organisations make sure that they lend only to the right and needy people.

This is a nice system, we can put to use for Payir. Please read about it and let me know your comments.

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